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Working for a brighter future in Stamford and beyond

An evidence-based approach

Transforming youth life trajectories through love

About 1 in 5 young adults in our state are disconnected or disengaged. Through love-infused programming, Domus helps young people in Stamford and beyond overcome obstacles that jeopardize a bright and stable future. Our trauma-responsive approach combines our Relational Model (how we work) with our Program Models (what we do) to support youth in making positive changes. From earning a diploma and securing a living-wage job to transitioning back to the community after incarceration, our work empowers young people to transform their own lives and thrive.

Who We Are

Domus staff are expertly trained in positive youth development and serve as representational role models for program participants. Our Leadership Council is comprised of dedicated leaders from across the organization who provide diverse viewpoints and work collectively to make insightful decisions about the many challenges Domus faces now and will face in the future.

Who We Serve

We serve youth aged 12 to 26 in Stamford and some surrounding areas who show signs of being disengaged or disconnected such as struggling with school attendance or behavior, being two or more years behind in their grade level, have been recently incarcerated, or are out of school with no stable work history. Most Domus participants and their families are from low-income backgrounds and have experienced multiple traumas that impact their ability to thrive.

Partner with Domus

We work closely with core community partners to bring programs to disengaged and disconnected youth, funded by both public grants and philanthropic donations. Learn how you can support our work.