• santa with Lockwood kids sqYou Made the Holidays GREAT!

    We can't thank you enough for ensuring the holiday season was full of joy (and presents!) for the young people in Domus' care.  The stress our low-income parents (who are working multiple jobs, trying to make ends meet) feel when they cannot provide a generous holiday (or any holiday at all) is tremendous, so donating gifts for children changes not only their holiday but that of the entire family.

    You adopted 112 Angel Families and helped stock the Domus holiday mall (as one parent put it: a "beautiful experience") for around 400 families. As always, your generosity overwhelms us. Thank you for partnering with us on this.  

  • stamford advocate logo"The People Who Still Care"

    It's hard to believe that here on the Gold Coast, families and children are struggling. In this piece, Stamford Advocate columnist John Breunig shines a light on those struggles, telling the stories of a few folks who come to our holiday mall.  We're honored to, in partnership with our supporters, be able to help hardworking folks improve their lives. We thank the Advocate for telling the stories of those who are struggling and describing the impact our collective love and support has on them.

  • diner day mug and server

    GE's Annual Diner Day: Our 15th Year!

    The GE Tax Team once again pulled off a great Diner Day: They were organized (Lori and Marianne!) and brought many a happy customer Lushe's delish fare or coffee in a custom Diner Day mug. Many thanks to Robert, Rick, Marianne, Lori, and the dozens of GE volunteers for their efforts. Another great day!

Our Results

graduation croppedUnderstanding what works and what needs to be changed enables us to be better teachers, family advocates, and outreach workers. Across the organization, we’re committed to measuring change, setting goals, and telling our stories in ways which show you what results we’ve accomplished with your investments.
  • In 2013, 100% of Stamford Academy graduates were accepted into post-secondary institutions, up from 93% in 2012 and 50% in 2010.
  • The number of Trailblazers Academy 8th graders proficient in science on the CMT increased by 57%, while the number of 7th graders proficient in reading increased by 80%.
  • Our Trafigura Work & Learn youth employment program sold their greenhouse produce at local farmers markets and to restaurants such as The Whelk, Le Farm, and Columbus Park Trattoria.