• Oh what fun! The holidays at Domus

    All for one and one for all--the Domus family always pitches in to make sure every child has food and gifts for the holidays. Join us--warm feelings guaranteed! Moms and dads, this is a great way to engage your child in hands-on philanthropy. Check out the many ways you can help over a thousand vulnerable young people between now and Christmas.

  • GE's annual Diner Day: 12/1 in Stamford

    Our 16th year! Come grab a limited edition mug (do you have all of them?) and nosh on Lushe's delish dishes, served up by GE employees who take the day off to volunteer. All tips go to support the youth of Domus. More... 

  • Loved it!

    Domus NINER_b&w_black-type_finalThe NINER at Point72 was September 27th. Burpees, lunges, HRPU, plank, run, and swim. It was brutal but awesome. Photos and results here.

Our Results

graduation croppedUnderstanding what works and what needs to be changed enables us to be better teachers, family advocates, and outreach workers. Across the organization, we’re committed to measuring change, setting goals, and telling our stories in ways which show you what results we’ve accomplished with your investments.
  • In 2013, 100% of Stamford Academy graduates were accepted into post-secondary institutions, up from 93% in 2012 and 50% in 2010.
  • The number of Trailblazers Academy 8th graders proficient in science on the CMT increased by 57%, while the number of 7th graders proficient in reading increased by 80%.
  • Our Trafigura Work & Learn youth employment program sold their greenhouse produce at local farmers markets and to restaurants such as The Whelk, Le Farm, and Columbus Park Trattoria.