• Chrismukkah in July: Ho ho holy cow, was that fun!
    Chrismukkah logo

    Our Junior Board threw another great party: We kicked back at Fortina in Stamford to ensure the 160 teens at Stamford Academy will have a fantastic Christmas and exceeded our goal! It was three hours of open bar (featuring custom cocktails like the Mazeltini, Cold Toddy, Christmas Red Sangria, and Cold Hot Chocolate), amazing Fortina eats (can you say thick-cut bacon slathered in maple syrup and sprinkled with candy cane crumbles? and the honey/butter biscuits...oh my), and a truly inspiring playlist. Plus, more Christmas and Hanukkah decorations than you thought humanly possible. Pix coming soon!
  • Domus spring gala a smashing success!

    Domus 2016 gala LogoOur Hot Night in Havana gala was a huge success! The salsa dancing, rum tastings, and cigars rolled before our very eyes made the atmosphere incredibly festive...event chair Jenny T. and her committee did a fantastic job! Many thanks to top event sponsor, The Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation, and our other generous sponsors listed on the main gala page. Your generosity and love for the kids of Domus is deeply appreciated.

  • Partner Re volunteers beautify Domus space

    Thanks to our long-time supporters at Partner Re, the lawn and flower beds at our Passages group home look fantastic! This group wasn't afraid to get dirty and truly transformed the yard, reminding the boys they are loved and worthy of nice things. Want to volunteer? Check out the many ways you can help the youth at Domus.

Our Results

graduation croppedUnderstanding what works and what needs to be changed enables us to be better teachers, family advocates, and outreach workers. Across the organization, we’re committed to measuring change, setting goals, and telling our stories in ways which show you what results we’ve accomplished with your investments.
  • In 2013, 100% of Stamford Academy graduates were accepted into post-secondary institutions, up from 93% in 2012 and 50% in 2010.
  • The number of Trailblazers Academy 8th graders proficient in science on the CMT increased by 57%, while the number of 7th graders proficient in reading increased by 80%.
  • Our Trafigura Work & Learn youth employment program sold their greenhouse produce at local farmers markets and to restaurants such as The Whelk, Le Farm, and Columbus Park Trattoria.