Holidays 2023

Help transform the holiday season for our youth and their families

No child’s Christmas should lack gifts, food, and happy memories

Every year, many individuals and corporations ensure all our kids and families have gifts to open and food on the table. Together, we’ll make sure this holiday season is a great one for so many struggling right now.

Our Three Main Efforts to Make the Holidays Sparkle!

HOLIDAY MALL, providing gifts purchased by donors or bought with funds donated for this purpose: These gifts are offered at our annual holiday mall where parents, who know their kids best, pick out gifts they’ll love. The joyful, festive mall experience includes picking out full stockings, enjoying a staffed cafe with homemade goodies while families wait for volunteers to wrap their gifts (if they choose), plus choosing goodies or staples from a food pantry so there’s plenty of yummy food for the big day. The entire fun-filled event is run by Domus staff and volunteers.

ANGEL FAMILIES, providing gifts to our most struggling families: Our staff IDs families facing the most dire or difficult circumstances, and we find groups or individuals willing to adopt these Angel Families and give them a Christmas they’ll never forget.

FOOD DRIVES, providing food for Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday celebrations: We solicit food and cash donations so we can provide families with food of their choosing for their celebrations. This food also helps families get through school breaks when their students aren’t being fed at school and more food is needed at home.

Partner with Domus

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