Our organization’s roots are the care of abused, neglected, and IMG_2250abandoned young men: We opened Domus House in 1972 when a group of community members decided they had to create a solution for the growing number of homeless teens.

Our residential programs are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to support youth who’ve often spent their entire childhoods being moved from placement to placement instead of having a stable, loving home environment and thus a fair chance for a happy, healthy adulthood. Domus, with support from our partners and investors, provides for their every need in that journey: every pencil, sock, snack, suitcase, tutoring session, and haircut.

The youth in our care are many things: resilient, devastated, hopeful, desperate, loving, and brave. Most have endured situations that would floor the average adult, yet they face each day determined to not just get by but build a future. With our many corporate, individual, and organizational partners, those futures are within their reach.


Since 1972, Domus has provided a loving, structured home-like situation at Domus House. Located in Stamford, Domus House gives a home to eight boys aged 14 to 20 and placed with us by the CT Department of Children and Families, who would otherwise be homeless. Aided by youth advocates, the boys focus on completing their education, developing community connections, and gaining tangible and intangible life skills. We also help them have daily and special experiences like their peers, such as spontaneous pizza take-out nights and an overnight skiing trip.



Bridges is an independent living program which allows young men and women aged 18 to 23 to live independently in the community with the support of a case manager when needed. These youth have graduated from high school and are enrolled in post-secondary training, college, or another educational program.

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spring arrives at Passages                    


Tom Langan – Chief Residential Services Officer

Lawrence Audena – Director of Domus House

Erica Newton – Director of Passages

Spring flowers planted by volunteers!

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