• Domus Academy

    Our first school outside lower Fairfield County, Domus Academy opened in fall 2010 as a program of the New Haven Public Schools for students in grades six, seven, and eight who had been unsuccessful in traditional school environments. Modeled on our successful Trailblazers Academy, this school features our Domus family advocate model, uniforms, small classes, and rigorous academics.


    560 Ella T. Grasso Blvd, Bldg 3, 
    New Haven, CT 06519
    Ph: 475.220.6750 

    Marc Donald - Director of Domus Academy
    Ashley Hampton - Director of Family Advocacy
    Alexandra Passarelli - Dean of Students

  • Trailblazers Academy 

    Trailblazers Academy opened in Stamford in 1999 and serves students in grades six, seven, and eight. These young people have not been successful in traditional school environments and need a different learning environment to reach their full potential. Most come to us achieving far below their abilities, but with small classes, a longer school day, and a rigorous academic focus, they regain lost ground. 

    83 Lockwood Avenue, Stamford CT 06902
    Ph: 203.977.5690 

    Miguel Pickering Director of Trailblazers Academy
    Bianca Shinn-Desras - Director of Family Advocacy
    Francesca Principe - Dean of School Culture

  • Stamford Academy 

    Stamford Academy opened in 2004 for students in grades nine through twelve who struggled in traditional school environments or had dropped out or been kicked out. We chase young people who have disengaged from school or their community: Our students have significant behavioral histories, high levels of poverty, have been truant, and are three or more grade levels behind in literacy. Our goal is to re-engage them in school, help them make forward progress on reading and enjoy learning again, and ensure they graduate. An intensive program allows students to catch up on instruction they’ve missed. Though students come to the school performing, on average, seven grades below level, the school's small and supportive educational environment enables them to focus on their studies and begin to feel hopeful about the future.


    229 North Street, Stamford CT 06901
    Ph: 203.324.6300

    Andrea Weller - Director of Stamford Academy
    Godfrey Azima  - Director of Family Advocacy
    Steve Paul - Dean of Students