Wish List

New! Juicer, Chromecast Amazon Firestick, Safety Shirts for Work Crew and assorted belts for our youth at Domus House
New! Ice machine for Trailblazer Academy’s cafeteria
New! Items for cooking club and family night at KT Murphy 
New! Board games, fishing and exercise equipment for Domus Academy
New! Top loading wash unit
New! Commerical floor scrubber

 Khaki pants for our teen girls- teen and women sizes
New! Menstrual pads and other feminine hygiene products
Updated! Household/Cleaning items for the youth in our group home


Educational supplies

  • Classroom rugs for Domus Academy Middle School in New Haven…the larger the better, but 5’x8′ is great
  • for participants in our youth employment program:
    • Espresso machine (commercial grade–used is fine)
    • Juicer for the culinary program
    • Bed, Bath, & Beyond gift cards (participant incentives)
    • Home Depot gift cards (participant incentives)
  • iPads
  • SMART boards, pens, wiring
  • LCD projector (EPSON or ACER)
  • EXPO markers and erasers
  • School uniform items: khaki pants and black or brown belts
  • CLICK to view full list of school supplies needed in all programs
  • $10 gift cards for educational incentives for our group home youth
  • for the youth in our group homes:
    • backpacks (solid-colored Nike or North Face preferred)
    • one-subject spiral notebooks
    • 3-hole pencil pouches
  • for the youth at Chester Addison Community Center:
    • pencils
    • pens
    • bookbags
    • current dictionaries
  • laptops for our alumni students
  • gently used bikes for our middle school healthy living initiative
  • pocket planners to help our high school kids plan for their futures
  • for our (KT) Murphy Academy (elementary) after-school program:
    • GoPro Video Camera to be used for a photography class
    • SLR camera to be used in a photography class
    • Mac Mini computer
    • netbook laptops for programming robotics code for Lego program

Recreational supplies

  • NEW! for our youth at Domus Academy
    •  fishing equipment: rods, reels, and lures: a proven stress reliever for our Domus Academy students
    • exercise equipment: free weights, benches, kettlebells (please no treadmills or equipment that requires maintenance)
    • board games, chess or checkers without all pieces since we can mix and match with what we have, puzzles-all pieces
  • for youth in our Lion’s Den Out-of-School-Time Program:
    • gaming systems and games (Old Nintendo, Wii, PS2, N64) to encourage attendance at our program so kids are there to take advantage of academic offerings
    • board games (Monopoly, Connect 4, Sorry, Bingo, decks of cards, Trouble, Mancala, etc.)
    • foosballs
    • Ping Pong balls/paddles
    • billiard sticks
    • crayons, markers, colored pencils
    • pens and pencils
    • notebooks
    • magazines (old or new)
    • Legos
    • laptops w/ the ability to connect to Smartboards/projectors, play DVDs, and connect to internet
  • for the youth in our group home, Domus House (all items requested to be in like-new condition):
    • New! Chromecast Amazon Firestick
    • for our donated pool table: a set of balls, cues, and ball rack
    • fishing rods, reels, and lures (they got introduced to fishing last spring and LOVE IT!)
    • all sports balls: football, baseball, basketball
    • baseball gloves (adult sized)
    • snow sleds
    • snowboards
    • BMX bikes
    • pool toys (goggles, etc.)
    • baseball cards
  • for the youth at Chester Addison Community Center (all items requested to be in like-new condition):
    • Wii U…our Wii just broke! 🙁
    • Wii U multiplayer games for kids aged 5 to 13
    • basketball hoops (portable)
    • basketballs
    • footballs
    • kickballs
    • soccer balls
  • for our After-School Titans, our TOR Middle School after-school program:
    • microphones for auditorium (must plug in stage or be wireless)
    • stereo (Ipad docking or at least USB or AUX plug in)
    • plain white T-shirts (S, M, L, XL) for students to decorate for Family Night
    • markers (chart board)
    • washable paint (Crayola or any brand)
    • gift cards ($10-$15) for Family Night events (Stop N’ Shop, Grade A, Dunkin Donuts, movies, Starbucks, Dominoes, Subway, Visa, Target, Walmart)
    • white banner paper (roll)
    • sporting equipment: tumbling mats (4’x8′ preferred), basketballs, soccer balls, beach balls, badminton rackets and birdie, roll-away nets for volleyball or badminton
  • for our (KT) Murphy Academy (elementary) after-school program:
    • New! Reusable plastic plates and cups for cooking club
    • New! Reusable forks, spoons and knives for cooking club
    • New! Plastic storage bins
    • New! Barnes and Noble or Target gift cards ($10-15) for family night raffles
    • Games for youth aged 5 to 12 (The Game Club asks for checkers, Trouble, Don’t Spill the Beans, jacks, and pick-up sticks.)
    • tickets to Chelsea Piers for their healthy drop-in programs (trampoline, rock climbing, skating, etc.) (at least 20)
    • Cooking supplies for the Cooking Club
    • Shop Rite gift cards for food for Cooking Club
    • Athletic equipment such as footballs, basketballs, cones, pinnies, frisbies

Hygiene supplies

  • for the youth in our group homes:
    • Axe Body Spray
    • shampoo & conditioner (Garnier Fructis preferred)
    • brushes and combs
    • deodorant
    • body wash/bath soap (no fruit or floral scents, please)
    • body lotion
    • men’s cologne
    • toothbrushes
    • mouthwash
    • cool mist humidifiers/vaporizers
    • heating pads
    • antibiotic ointment
    • bug repellent
    • sunscreen

Clothing for young men in our group homes

  • interview clothes: suits, dress shirts, nice belts, dress shoes, ties (gently used welcome) – adult sizes
  • Updated! men’s belts (sizes 32-40) gently used okay
  • men’s undershirts
  • men’s crew and ankle socks
  • men’s boxers (M-XXL)
  • shower shoes
  • men’s gloves (L-XL)
  • men’s hats (L-XL)
  • winter jackets
  • Timberlands
  • New! Safety Shirts for Work Crew

Household/Cleaning supplies

  • for the youth at Domus House:
    • New! one twin-sized mattress (no box spring needed)–new only, please
    • twin-sized bedding sets and zippered mattress covers
    • hangers
    • shoe racks and room organizers
    • laundry baskets
    • laundry detergent
    • dryer sheets
    • clothing irons
    • toilet brush
    • extended long handle tub and tile brush
    • Lysol wipes
    • Clorox Clean-Up spray
    • scrub free shower cleaner
    • toilet freshener
    • toilet wash cloths
    • bathroom deodorizer
    • air fresheners
    • dishcloths/dishtowels
    • non-latex gloves
    • paper towels
    • toilet paper
    • garbage bags
    • plastic storage bins
    • flashlights


  • digital picture frames
  • digital cameras
  • DVDs and DVD players
  • iPods or MP3 players
  • PS3/Nintendo Wii/Game Boys
  • computers, especially laptops for when our young men go to vocational training, college, or the military

Other needs

  • New! Ice Machine for Trailblazer Academy’s cafeteria. Our Scotsman ice machine gave out and can’t be fixed 🙁
  • Snowblowers (several–heavy duty, if possible) so our facilities team can spend their valuable time more efficiently
  • Top loading washer so our facilities team can wash cleaning rags and towels
  • Commerical floor scrubber to be used by our hardworking facilities team
  • Newcomer kits for homeless youth who are placed in one of our group homes and typically arrive with nothing but a few sets of clothes: set of bath towels, alarm clock, shower shoes, laundry basket, headphones, toiletries (soap, body lotion, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, AXE or Old Spice body spray), and a $25 gift card to either Walmart or Target so the boys may pick out some of their own toiletries
  • Gift cards for the kids in our group homes (used as educational incentives and gifts and to help meet basic needs): Barnes & Noble, Target, Stop & Shop, Old Navy, Foot Locker, Burlington Coat Factory